What is a Professional Dreamwork Psychologist

“A professional has developed objectivity towards the dream, the dreamer and the dreamwork process through achieving a character development that no longer seeks to have the ego in control in dreams or in life. 
This is a major shift that can only occur if the leader or guide has submitted to both a supervising professional dreamwork guide and developed a balanced relationship between the personal ego and the larger center that produces the dream.”

An Introduction to Dreamwork Psychology

Historically there has been a big tendency to impose on dreams to get meaning a Symbol System. In psychology it is their personality theory, like the Jungian anima-animus or shadow-persona. Such imposing of a symbol system onto dreams to produce dreamwork is likely to be highly distracting, taking people away from direct re-experiencing of the dream and not towards it.

Strephon Kaplan-Williams: A Short Biography

Kaplan-Williams earned two master’s degrees at the University of California Los Angeles and San Francisco in English literature and Counseling psychology. He received extensive Jungian analytical training for ten years with the Guild for Psychological Studies, graduating as one of their main leaders. He has undergone fifteen years of Jungian analysis and had many other trainings in modern California therapy approaches. He is responsible for originating the Jungian-Senoi method of dreamwork development and healing.

Strephon’s Principles in Life

Strephon about Strephon:
“Greatest Outer Accomplishment – the bringing in of the Dream Cards to the world.
Most Valuable Inner Accomplishment – healing of my traumatized psyche through fifteen years of Jungian analysis, eight years of bodywork and ten years on the mat Aikido.
Heart – to practice acceptance and sharing openly with compassion and passion.”