Strephon about Strephon

“Earliest Childhood Choice to be in reality dealing with what is no matter the cost.
Parental Influences Oscar Williams and Gene Derwood were poets but not functioning parents.
Early Childhood Trauma I was sent to a brutal charity boarding school at age six never to return home to live.
Sexual-Relational Life basically with the opposite sex through two marriages and three long-term relationships as well as some significant other relating in various countries.
Children two amazing children who are achieving their own personalities.
Birth Date April 2, 1934, New York City. An Ares with Leo rising which means I have learned to lead well and temper my natural arrogance with love and patience.
Significant Teachers the historical Jesus for spiritual principles. C.G. Jung for depth psychology and working with dreams. Elisabeth Boyden Howes for religious passion and commitment based on the historical life and teachings of Jesus. Dorothea Romankiw for a compassionate heart and the drive to realize a significant purpose in life.
Purpose in Life to live a life committed to consciousness and the search for meaning at the deepest of levels.
Shadow vulnerability masked by a strong power-drive and the strength to endure no matter what.
Work to teach, live and write about consciousness.
Greatest Outer Accomplishment the bringing in of the Dream Cards to the world.
Most Valuable Inner Accomplishment healing of my traumatized psyche through fifteen years of Jungian analysis, eight years of bodywork and ten years on the mat Aikido.
Heart to practice acceptance and sharing openly with compassion and passion.
Death hopefully when I can no longer function consciously with purpose.”