Because I value the dream and its dreamwork as superior guidance in the Journey Through Life I pledge the following

I will do the best of my ability to treat my dreams and other people’s dreams objectively and not subjectively

I will endeavor not to project onto my dreams or other people’s dreams but to see and work with what is actually there

I will not interpret other people’s dreams for them, saying what their symbols mean as if I am an authority

I will not take the ego’s point of view over the dream’s point of view

I will find what my ego point of view is in the dream and seek to bring it into congruence with the rest of the dream and its true center as I can know it

I will let my dreams guide me and not seek to guide my dreams

I will not make fun of my dreams or anyone else’s dreams but respect the dream and its dreamwork at all times

I will commit to professional training of the highest quality and integrity available for working with my own and other people’s dreams

I will accept supervision and feedback in dealing with my own and other peoples dreams

So long as I work with others on their dreams and dreamwork I will work equally with my dreams and dreamwork

I will not violate the vulnerability of a person sharing a dream

I will not evoke a person regarding life issues based on their dreams unless they have agreed that this is part of our interaction together

I will do the best of my ability to remember my dreams
and support my life being dreamed forward by my dreams