STEP 9 – Other Dreamwork Methods and Tools for In-Depth Explorations

To get an in-depth perspective on the meaning of a dream and the connections with your life, you can try the following Dreamwork Tools: “The Ego Profile – 255 Ego Self Statements Form”, “Dream Ego Profile – 20 Primary Drego Characteristics”. Or you can use other dreamwork methods, as described in the “Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Manual” and “The Elements of Dreamworking”, by Strephon-Kaplan-Williams.

STEP 4 – Dream Dialogue

“Having a flow conversation with a symbol to evoke its conscious meaning.”
This is how you can do it:
•  After Objectifying your dream, pick the symbol or figure with the most energy, positive or negative,
•  Make about five key questions to ask in your dialogue using the dream’s imagery and issues
•  In a quiet place, visualize your dream figure and ask a key question of it, writing down quickly whatever comes into your head. […]

STEP 1 – Objectifying Dreams

“Objectifying Dreams is about finding the structures actually present in the dream rather than projecting symbol systems into the dream to arrive at an interpretation. This practice requires the use of Dreamwork Record Form.
This is how you can do it: Record the dream as completely and objectively as possible without interpretation; List and evaluate key symbols and actions according to relevance, repetition and intensity of effectiveness in the dream itself; List and evaluate dream ego actions and reactions.” […]

What is a Professional Dreamwork Psychologist

“A professional has developed objectivity towards the dream, the dreamer and the dreamwork process through achieving a character development that no longer seeks to have the ego in control in dreams or in life. 
This is a major shift that can only occur if the leader or guide has submitted to both a supervising professional dreamwork guide and developed a balanced relationship between the personal ego and the larger center that produces the dream.”

Dreamwork Psychotherapy Handbook (pdf)

“Everyone has deep stuff. This is par for this reality, this life, which certainly is for everyone full of trauma and unrealized desires. Dreams are more honest than we are, more revealing than we usually want to know. Why? Probably because the dream source, the deeper psyche, wants healing to the core. Thus we need true professionals working at the core, but they must have integrity so as to give the time and the skills necessary to support a dreamer through a process.”