What is a Professional Dreamwork Psychologist

“A professional has developed objectivity towards the dream, the dreamer and the dreamwork process through achieving a character development that no longer seeks to have the ego in control in dreams or in life. 
This is a major shift that can only occur if the leader or guide has submitted to both a supervising professional dreamwork guide and developed a balanced relationship between the personal ego and the larger center that produces the dream.”

Reflections on Dreamwork Psychology & Psychotherapy Practice

“We call for a sharp distinction in the field of dream sharing and dreamwork between clinically trained professional dreamworkers and all others who lead dream group sharing or teach classes on dreams and dreamwork. This latter group should not take individual clients from their groups and classes, or from the general public.”

Dreamwork Psychology Handbook (pdf)

A Personal Statement From Strephon Kaplan-Williams:
What we have in this Handbook is the distilled essence of my work over thirty-five years. We see also the essence of the observed effects with people from dreamworking in this style. This is a source document reflecting the results of doing in-depth dreamwork with hundreds of people and their over twenty thousand dreams. Before now what I had developed were the training and dreamwork methods described in my many books.