Dream Ego Profile – 20 Primary Drego Characteristics

These are the outstanding characteristics of the dream ego, the dreamer in the dream. When you analyze your dream for these characteristics, much will be revealed to you. Further, when you keep working with your dreams in functional dreamwork rather than interpretive dreamwork, you will see that you are becoming more active and effective in your dreams and thus start achieving plus scores.

The Ego Profile – 255 Ego Self Statements (pdf)

These are self-statements that you feel may fit you or not fit you. But we are asking you to make a forced choice, one in which you have to choose, one way or another, if thee statement is about you or not. We usually take action in everyday life based on these self-statements and the attitudes behind them. So try and be honest with yourself in making your decision for or against here. Answer Yes or No according to how the self-statement pretty much applies to you or doesn’t. There are no right answers of course.