DownloadDownload - Dreamwork Psychology - A Proposal for Training Modules

These training modules were piloted as an educational structure for the 4-years Dreamwork Psychology Course in Romania (2004-2008). 

The following persons were licensed as professional dreamwork psychologists: Aurelia Moraru, Cristiana Hurduc, Mihaela Sindie, Ovidiu Brazdau, Paul Morosanu, Simona Neagu. Visit the Romanian Dreamwork Center website for more information.

Dreamwork Psychology – Professional Training Curricula – Romania

Theoretical knowledge
What is a Dream, Psychology and Neuropsychology of Dreaming, Lucid Dreaming, Dreams in Religious Doctrines, Psychology of Dreams (contributions by Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung, Strephon Kaplan-Williams), Specifics of the Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Methodology, Archetypes and Archetypal symbols, Jungian Personality Theory.

Specific dreamwork psychology issues
Attitudes in life and dreams
Defining dream-life issues
Dream teachings
Key-words in dreamwork Dream ego: Phases and transformations
Personal development through dreamwork
Stages in dream exploration
Ethics in dreamwork
Spirituality in dreamwork
Evaluating results in dreamwork

Dreamworking with a client
Methodology of a dreamwork session
Exploring a client’s dream: stages, rules, types of questions
Dreamwork strategies related to types of dreams
Dreams related to client’s age
Coping with transference / counter-transference and projections in the relation between dreamwork psychologist and clients
Evoking resolution in dream exploration of a client

Professional dreamwork instruments
Dream journal
Dream record form
Dream ego profile
Ego Self Statement Profile

Dreamwork Methods
Objectifying Dreams
Solving the Dream’s Issues
Following the Dream Ego
Key Questions
Dream Tasks
Dialoguing with Dream Figures
Symbol Immersion
Dream Reentry
Dream Enactments
Rewriting the Dream
Archetypal Dreamwork
Dream Theme Development
Dream Incubation
Dream Art Expression
Dreamwork Sharing

Dream Group Leading
Dreamwork Guiding
Supervising Dreamworkers