To get an in-depth perspective on the meaning of a dream and the connections with your life, you can try the following Dreamwork Tools:

Or you can use other dreamwork methods, as described in the “Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Manual” and “The Elements of Dreamworking”, by Strephon-Kaplan-Williams. Below the educational objectives for a few of them: Key Questions, Symbol Immersion, Rewriting the Dream, Dream Bodywork, Archetypal Dreamwork, Dream Theme Development, Dream Incubation, Dream Art Expression, Dreamwork Rituals.

Key Questions

Open-ended questions that reflect the key issues raised in the dream

Key questions based on the dream itself
Key questions raised by the dream regarding one’s life and personality
Consciousness as focused awareness and open activity

Expands one’s consciousness and perspective on life
Gives standard format for processing a series of dreams
Opens the intuitive channels of inner guidance and wisdom
Helps prevent interpretive, rational labeling of dream symbols
Focuses the dreamer on key areas and issues in the dream

Symbol Immersion

In the meditative state focusing on a key dream symbol and intensifying your experience of it

Use for intensifying your awareness reaction to a dream symbol
Develop your intuitive function through immersion in live symbols

Face and accept an ego fearful symbol
Experiencing the meaning of a symbol at a feeling and physical awareness level
Bypasses the rational, interpretive mind
Trains the ego not to dominate or interpret the symbol but to experience it directly without labeling it
Helps healing in the psyche by facing and integrating emotionally the symbol and its energy function
Helps knowing the energy function behind the symbol

Rewriting the Dream

After objectifying and dream ego work we rewrite the dream with the drego acting more congruently with the rest of the dream

Changing ego attitudes in dreams and life
Healing archetypal patterns
Serving the source

Learning problem solving
Healing splits within
Developing reality function
Committing to one’s purpose in life

Dream Bodywork

Finding the dream energy in body awareness and the body as a dream

Body symbols in dreams
Body awareness
Body symptoms
Rebirthing symbolically
Re-healing the body
Re-balancing the energy system

Healing bodily symptoms
Conscious awareness of bodily effect in dreams and the body
Healing core traumas

Archetypal Dreamwork

Finding the energy functions in a dream so as to see what other archetypes or energy functions need evoking for rebalancing

Shows dominance of an archetype in the dreams and by reflection in the life and personality
Shows the drego’s relationship and responsibility in terms of the archetypal functions portrayed
Indicated interventions to make in terms of the dream’s issues and archetypes

Helps understand one’s archetypal energy system
Helps understand and deal with one’s emotional past
Helps one live in tune with archetypal energies in the psyche and in life itself
Helps evoke physical and emotional healing

Dream Theme Development

Dream themes are repeat situations, images, actions and persons that have relevance to the dreamer and the dream ego

By tracking a certain symbol and the drego’s relation to that symbol we can see developmental changes, usually for the better

Dreams, by re-presenting issues and themes, emphasize to us the importance of dealing with this issue or theme
Not only can a dream theme develop but the drego can develop as well in relation to the dream theme
If the theme is no longer dreamed it may mean the dreamer has dealt with the issue behind the theme
By tracking dream themes you see what your dominant life issues are as reflected in the series of dreams
Since you have the same issue or theme in a series of dreams you now have the basis for resolving those issues and themes
You dream what you most need to know
You change your ego attitude and perspective according to how a dream theme challenges you to do so

Dream Incubation

When we evoke a dream on a certain subject or issue and we receive a relevant dream

Dream Incubation to evoke clarity on a life issue
To evoke a counterbalancing archetypal energy function to the one already dominant in the dream
How to recognize a response coming from the dream source and not being projected by the ego intention

Gives conscious focus to the dreamwork process
Evokes healing in the psyche
Enlarges our arena of expression in dreams and in life
Focuses the ego intention

Dream Art Expression

Using the symbolic arts to reexpress dream situations and symbols for greater effect

Painting dreams and dream themes
Developing intuitive expression
Writing dream-inspired poetry and meditations
Using movement to reexpress dream functions in bodily experience

Gets one out of the rational interpretive mode into bodily feeling
Helps one let go of thinking control to feel the dream effect
Refocus key dream symbols and themes for better memory access and use as reminding symbols of how better to act in daily life

Dreamwork Rituals

The use of sacred objects and practices to embody chosen dream symbols for their perspective and meaning

Nature rituals for renewing the life force
Shamanism practices for centering and energy renewal
Symbolic rituals to mythologize the dream and life journey
Dreamwork Rituals contrasted with traditional religious practice and dogma

Creates transpersonal experiences of greater meaning
Renews the life force
Provides a rich context of meaning and relationship
Helps the dream journeyer to experience more fully the spiritual life journey in dreams and life

by Strephon Kaplan-Williams

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