The Dream Ego Evaluation Scale Form For Active Dreamwork – A Discovery Process

These are the outstanding characteristics of the dream ego, the dreamer in the dream. When you analyze your dream for these characteristics, much will be revealed to you. Further, when you keep working with your dreams in functional dreamwork rather than interpretive dreamwork, you will see that you are becoming more active and effective in your dreams and thus start achieving plus scores.

To work with a dream write down your dream and then look at and describe your dream ego behavior and being in the dream. You will through this process discover insights about yourself, your dream and life.

You can also use this form for analysis of strong life situations that you describe as a dream. Again, put in descriptions of you and your behavior in the form. For professional therapists, you can also use this form to evaluate others.

Kaplan-Williams Dream Ego Evaluation Scale © 2003 – 20 Primary Dream Ego Characteristics

+    Active – Doing things rather than just observing or not reacting

–    Reactive – Doing things forced upon one by others and circumstances

+    Interactive –Sharing with another of oneself and opening to what the other wants to give you of themselves

–    Subjective – When we interpret our experiences based on the past in the form of attitudes, memories and belief system, thus not being able to experience the Other in itself

+    Objective – The drego assesses a person or situation as it is and interacts appropriately

+    Creative Action – Taking action to manifest the potentials available

–    Passive – Not expressing, taking action or interacting with things happening

–    Observer – Watching what is happening without interacting or taking action

+    Decisive Action – Action that directly shifts the dream situation

+    Taking Congruent Action – Doing what is in tune with what is happening in the dream

+    Choosing – Aware of alternatives the drego carries out one option and not the others

+    Bringing Resolution – The drego acts to cause a shift in a stasis situation, freeing energy and causing movement in a direction more whole than the stasis situation

–    Following Ego Desire – The drego acts according to what it wants in the situation

–    Flight – The dream ego tries to avoid energy coming its way, adversarial or not

–    Control – The drego tries to prevent, resist, take charge of what is happening

+    Cooperation – The drego accepts the situation and chooses to conform to it as it is through choice and self-action. This is not passivity in which the drego does not react.

–    Fight – The drego attempts to oppose and even destroy adversarial forces coming its way

–    Fearful – The drego feels, interprets and reacts to situations it perceives to be dangerous and tenses, unable to act

–    Emoting – Expressing or feeling strong positive or negative energy that affects oneself to the extent that one is unable to choose or see the whole objectively

+    Accepting – Being open to what is happening and letting it affect one without overwhelming oneself

Totals – A chosen goal of dreamwork as growth work can be to increase your dream ego score to show positive scores as favorable in terms of ego activity and effectiveness.

by Strephon Kaplan-Williams