DownloadDownload the Ego Profile – 255 Ego Self Statements Form

These are self-statements that you feel may fit you or not fit you.

But we are asking you to make a forced choice, one in which you have to choose, one way or another, if they statement is you are not. We usually take action in everyday life based on these self-statements and the attitudes behind them. So try and be honest with yourself in making your decision for or against here. Answer Yes or No according to how the self-statement pretty much applies to you or doesn’t. There are no right answers of course.

This is not an evaluation as to the “goodness” of your personality. It is only meant as a measure of your ego identity and belief system at this time. In six months time you will be asked to take this profile examination again to be scored as to any changes and the direction of those changes. You can always bias the profile by trying to answer what you think the “right” answer might be, but even this will show something about you and may be a disadvantage to you in not revealing yourself to yourself as you actually are. This is a tool for self-development and not competitive achievement.

There are no right answers. There are only responses.

Go slowly enough so that your own evaluation process is at work. Just from taking this profile you may gain valuable insights about yourself and life. You will be experiencing in part how our mostly unconscious and unorganized life perspective affects how we make our choices and live our lives.


1.    A friend is someone who makes you feel good.
2.    Anger is a bad thing.
3.    Avoid conflicts at all costs.
4.    Basically people are out to meet their own needs first so be careful.
5.    Control others or they will control you.
6.    Do not stand out from the crowd.
7.    Do what others want you to do if it is at all possible.
8.    Don’t give away secrets because people will betray you with them.
9.    Don’t go in the water if it doesn’t feel good.
10.    Don’t waste your energy fighting.
11.    Everyone has fear.
12.    Friends are well worth having.
13.    Friends take a lot of your time.
14.    Generally I am a successful person.
15.    Generally I am smarter than my parents in dealing with life.
16.    Generally resist those who make advances and take the initiative yourself when you want something.
17.    God is all powerful.
18.    God is love.
19.    Half the time I don’t know I am in a body.
20.    Humans are more bad than good.
21.    Humans are more good than bad.
22.    I always give the other guy the benefit of the doubt.
23.    I always look for a new way to do things.
24.    I am a highly successful person in what I do.
25.    I am a risk taker regardless of outcome.
26.    I am afraid to be alone.
27.    I am afraid to die.
28.    I am always surprised when nice things happen to me I did not ask for.
29.    I am always thinking of myself and what I am doing with myself.
30.    I am often afraid to risk unless I am certain the outcome will be good.
31.    I am basically a good person.
32.    I am basically a lucky person with many opportunities to fulfill myself.
33.    I am content mostly with the way my life is right now.
34.    I am highly critical of others but I do not let them know how I feel.
35.    I am living life almost as fully as I can.
36.    I am living my life at about half my capacity.
37.    I am lonely in love because I always seem to end up with the wrong person.
38.    I am lonely in love because I am not attractive enough.
39.    I am my own worst enemy.
40.    I am nervous and high strung much of the time.
41.    I am never content but always trying to do something better, different or new.
42.    I am not content with my life the way it is.
43.    I am not the person my parents brought me up to be.
44.    I am suffering a lot.
45.    I am worried about my body.
46.    I basically know myself.
47.    I believe about half of what people tell me is true.
48.    I believe that no matter how bad things are they will always get better.
49.    I can meet my own needs better than have someone else meeting my needs.
50.    I can take care of myself.
51.    I cannot hold onto my money.
52.    I choose my goals and do what is necessary to fulfill them.
53.    I choose to deal with things as they happen and out of that find my way in life.
54.    I control my feelings so as not to upset others or get them negative about me.
55.    I deal with things in the here and now.
56.    I do believe in God.
57.    I do not abuse my body but try to maintain the best health possible.
58.    I do not indulge in things that are bad for me.
59.    I do not have a love partner and I am not trying to get one.
60.    I do not have a love partner but want one.
61.    I do not keep my sexual life secret from others who need to know.
62.    I do not know if there is life after death or not.
63.    I do not trust that whatever choice I make is right.
64.    I do what I want to do regardless of others.
65.    I do what others want me to do.
66.    I don’ know what to do with myself if I am not involved in some activity.
67.    I don’t always know what I want.
68.    I don’t need anybody.
69.    I don’t believe in God.
70.    I don’t know if I will really fulfill myself or not.
71.    I don’t know why I am living my life.
72.    I don’t like being unhappy.
73.    I don’t like masturbating unless I have to.
74.    I don’t like pain and try to avoid it at all costs.
75.    I don’t make a habit of anything.
76.    I don’t really know what I want to do with my life yet.
77.    I don’t sleep as much as I should.
78.    I don’t worry about the future.
79.    I express my feelings regardless of what others think and feel.
80.    I fear being rejected by others.
81.    I feel bad when others feel bad.
82.    I feel bad when something is wrong with me.
83.    I feel good when I have accomplished something good.
84.    I feel good when my body and my mind feels good.
85.    I feel good when others feel good.
86.    I feel mostly invisible to others.
87.    I get afraid that things could go wrong.
88.    I get afraid when I am threatened.
89.    I get afraid when I do not know what is going to happen in the situation.
90.    I get afraid when I don’t know what is going to happen to me.
91.    I hardly ever lie to people.
92.    I hate my parents.
93.    I have a hard life in which what I achieve I have to mostly make happen.
94.    I have a love partner but I am more unsatisfied with the relationship than satisfied.
95.    I have a love partner but I am only half satisfied with the relationship.
96.    I have a wonderful life.
97.    I have done more than I ever thought I would in life.
98.    I have given up on relating to others because it doesn’t work.
99.    I have habits that I cannot break that are destructive.
100.    I have never really gotten what I wanted in life.
101.    I have not accomplished that much yet in my life.
102.    I have problems I cannot solve.
103.    I have a great love partner for me.
104.    I have too much to do in life for my own good.
105.    I know how hard life really is.
106.    I know what to do with my life.
107.    I like being sexual whenever I can.
108.    I like expressing my anger when I feel it.
109.    I like the name my parents gave me.
110.    I like to get things free.
111.    I like to please people.
112.    I like to sleep a lot because it makes me feel good.
113.    I like to spend money whether I need certain things or not.
114.    I love a good challenge.
115.    I love trying to maintain balance between giving and receiving.
116.    I love life as it is.
117.    I love my parents but that does not mean I always like them.
118.    I love my parents.
119.    I love my partner but I don’t always like him or her.
120.    I love only those who love me.
121.    I love to masturbate.
122.    I love unconditionally without expecting anything in return.
123.    I may not always be successful but I do try hard.
124.    I mostly know what I want in life and go for it.
125.    I move on in life developing new relationships and projects.
126.    I must improve myself or go under.
127.    I must keep moving forward in life achieving all I can.
128.    I only believe in what I can experience directly.
129.    I seldom know what I want and so I let opportunities go by.
130.    I should not have sex with others when I am married.
131.    I should not have sex with others when I have a regular partner.
132.    I spend money usually without wasting it.
133.    I take life one day at a time.
134.    I tend to do what I have done before.
135.    I tend to live in the past and nurture those relationships.
136.    I think first of my work and responsibilities before I think of myself.
137.    I try not to hurt others because I would not like to be hurt myself.
138.    I usually know what I want but am scared to go for it.
139.    I want something better from life than I am now getting.
140.    I want to live as long as I can.
141.    I want what I want when I want it.
142.    I will achieve my purpose in life and be happy.
143.    I would rather be nice to people than hurt them.
144.    If I am honest I am not that successful in meeting my needs.
145.    If I can avoid getting into trouble I will do so.
146.    If it feels right it must be right.
147.    If only I could just lay down and relax without any responsibility.
148.    If someone hurts me I should fight back.
149.    If someone hurts me I should just take it.
150.    If someone hurts me I should protect myself.
151.    If someone hurts me it is not worth doing anything about it.
152.    If you believe in yourself others will believe in you.
153.    If you don’t protect yourself others will screw you.
154.    If you help others they will try to take even more than you offer.
155.    If you lose control bad things will happen to you.
156.    If you lose your relationship there is always another one that will come along.
157.    If you meet someone else’s need they will meet your need.
158.    In business anything goes that you can get away with.
159.    In sex anything sexual is okay.
160.    It doesn’t matter what happens if you just deal with things as they come.
161.    It doesn’t matter whom I love just so I love.
162.    It is better to be rich than to be poor.
163.    It is better to have money than not have money.
164.    It is better to have sex only with ones regular partner.
165.    It is better to meet other people’s needs first before your own needs are met.
166.    It is better to meet your own needs first before meeting the needs of others.
167.    It is better to play it safe in life than risk.
168.    It is difficult to find love but once you find it you will keep it.
169.    It is easy to find love but hard to keep it.
170.    It is wrong to abuse ones body.
171.    It is wrong to hurt other people.
172.    It makes me sad when others die I have been close to.
173.    It scares me to make choices because I might be wrong.
174.    It’s a dog eat dog world.
175.    It’s everyone for him or herself.
176.    Keep control at whatever cost.
177.    Let people fight their own battles.
178.    Life is a lonely business at best.
179.    Life is difficult and full of struggle.
180.    Life is not enough for me unless I am living for something greater than myself.
181.    Life is too hard sometimes.
182.    Life sucks.
183.    Live and love because life is short.
184.    Live through others so you do not get caught up in yourself.
185.    Love and care for others and they will love and care for you.
186.    Love is everything.
187.    Love is the ultimate sacrifice.
188.    Love others and they will love you.
189.    Meet other people’s needs first.
190.    Meet your own needs first.
191.    Money is the root of all evil.
192.    Money isn’t everything.
193.    Mostly life is good to me.
194.    My name does not seem to fit who I am.
195.    No one can reject me but myself.
196.    No one cares about anyone else but themselves.
197.    No one gets away with messing with me.
198.    Nobody can reject me but myself.
199.    People care mostly about themselves.
200.    People don’t like you when you oppose them.
201.    People don’t really care about others in this life.
202.    People don’t really know me.
203.    People like and respect you if you do well in life.
204.    People like you more when you help them.
205.    People should be nice to each other.
206.    People should not exploit each other.
207.    People should not hurt each other.
208.    People use sex for their own purposes.
209.    Powerful people rule the world.
210.    Sex is dirty and not a high human value.
211.    Something greater than myself directs my life.
212.    Sometimes I love my parents and sometimes I hate them.
213.    Suffering is to be avoided and pleasure to be sought.
214.    Take care of yourself because others will not take care of you.
215.    Test the water first before you make a decision to jump in.
216.    The best way to deal with something is to choose your way through it.
217.    The best way to deal with things is mainly to let them happen.
218.    The best way to deal with things is to resist them until they feel right for you.
219.    The goal of life is to be happy.
220.    The prospect of having pain makes me afraid.
221.    The world is basically a good place to live.
222.    The world owes me a living.
223.    There is a solution to every problem if we try hard enough.
224.    There is no life after death.
225.    This universe was created but not by chance.
226.    Those who make you feel bad are your enemies and to be avoided.
227.    To best meet your needs stay in control.
228.    Try and meet both your own and the other person’s needs for the best relating.
229.    Try to be happy and not cause suffering.
230.    Usually I am right about others.
231.    Usually I am right about the future.
232.    We create our own realities.
233.    We don’t really have choice though we think we do.
234.    We have to be careful what people think of us.
235.    What you believe in will happen to you.
236.    What you do for others they will do for you.
237.    What you do to others they will do back to you.
238.    What you don’t know can’t hurt you.
239.    What you fear is what you become.
240.    What you see is what I am.
241.    What you think will happen is more likely to happen.
242.    When I do something it usually turns out right for me.
243.    When I don’t do something to handle the situation it often turns out badly.
244.    When I open myself bad things happen to me.
245.    When I open myself good things happen to me.
246.    When someone tries to get near you don’t open until you know what they want.
247.    When you do something for someone else they are more likely to do something for you.
248.    When you put your energy out you get a return.
249.    Win the fight or you will be misused.
250.    Work hard and you will be rewarded.
251.    You cannot always get your way.
252.    You cannot trust others as well as you can trust yourself.
253.    You don’t have to be so intelligent but you do have to be smart.
254.    You don’t really know the real me.
255.    My parents loved me and tried to do their best.

Scoring: After you first fill out this profile, checking either Yes or No for a self statement, then add up the scores for each column with the assigned value of one for each. Of course you should not have left a line blank or filled in both Yes and No columns for an item. Your score will not show anything but a profile. It is only when you retake the profile three months down the road, having dreamworked at least twelve of your dreams, that you can then do the Ego Profile again. If you scores are different now for each column this will measure the extent of your shift, which may be attributed in part to your dreamwork and focusing on your ego identity attitudes and behavior in dreams and life.

The greater the difference in scores from your previous filling out of the Ego Profile the greater the shift probably in your growth and consciousness towards developing the reality function, an assumed goal of both creating the dream and working with it. The reality function is based on accepting things as they are in direct experience rather than imposing on our experiences attitudes, longings, other subjectivities and projections. Living more and more in reality is presumed to increase ones effectiveness in fulfilling oneself in life.

Of course do not look at how you filled out an earlier profile before taking this profile again. To find your percentage of change sum the scores from the two profiles, before and after, so to speak, and subtract the difference. The difference is then divided into the total possible score to get a percentage. Thus if in the Yes column you answered Yes to 150 self statements the first time and the second time you answered Yes to 180 self statements then your percentage of change is 30 divided by 180 or 17 percent. Not bad, probably. Imagine if you only changed marginally, say, two percent. This would not be significant at all and would show that your dreamwork and dream ego work did not take.

Many of the self-statements listed have degrees of unreality, which means that if you actually use them to make your choices they will not work as intended in reality. Thus if you operate from the attitude that you should not hurt people then you will indeed be hurt yourself and not intervene when others are being hurt. So you will in fact be hurting people by not intervening and by not protecting yourself better since you are also one of the people being hurt by your own unrealistic attitude.

In the Yes column the median score you can get for realism, which we assume your dreams are trying to teach you, is a score of around 112. In the No column your realism score would be around 143. Deviations of more than 5 points in either direction from these median scores would be significant. When you sum your deviation scores and divide them by 2 you get your raw deviation score. When you then divide your raw deviation score by the total possible score of 255 then you get your percentage of deviation. Thus you can compare your percent of deviation from initially taking the Ego Profile to taking the Ego Profile again after doing significant dreamwork. If your percent of deviation has reduced then your are making progress towards accepting and operating in reality according to what your dreams raise as your real life reality issues.

We need hardly comment that there are many approaches to working with dreams but hardly any identifiable objective standards for evaluating the effects of doing dreamwork with ones dreams. This profile is an indicator that you and others have indeed changed a significant part of your personality in doing dreamwork. This change process includes changes in attitudes, reality perspective, self identity images and attitudes, and even the effects of traumas and complexes that have been taken through a dreamwork change process such as dream enactments and dream reentry.

We want to demonstrate that dreams are themselves consistent pictures of our inner states and ego functions in dealing with life events. In dreamworking our dreams we first accept them as they are as mirrors of archetypal energy patterns and functions plus how the ego function is and is not relating to these archetypal patterns and events, as well as to life events. By measuring significant change, here based primarily on attitude change, we are also measuring the possible effects of dreamwork on the change process.

This measuring process is done by the dreamworker doing before and after Ego Profiles and determining significant change in scoring. Standard control group comparison procedure would be to have another group of comparable ages, sex and cultural background also take the Ego Profile in the same before and after study. If this group that did not do dreamwork or any other intensive growth or educative process did not show significant change in scores within the same period of time as the dreamworking group did show significant change scores, we would then have a reasonably reliable indicator of the valid use of the Ego Profile in showing and measuring significant change in how the person deals with themselves and their life.

by Strephon Kaplan-Williams