DownloadDownload - Dreamwork Psychology Handbook, by Strephon Kaplan-Williams (2009)

A Personal Statement From Strephon Kaplan-Williams

“What we have in this Handbook is the distilled essence of my work over thirty-five years. We see also the essence of the observed effects with people from dreamworking in this style. This is a source document reflecting the results of doing in-depth dreamwork with hundreds of people and their over twenty thousand dreams. Before now what I had developed were the training and dreamwork methods described in my many books.

Now I have a greater understanding of what is a dreamwork approach to life and personality. I believe people are searching for ways to develop themselves. They realize, if they are modern, that they are their own personal bio-computer, so to speak. Not only does the world create external technologies for greater life fulfillment, now we also need to keep pace and develop internal technologies for life fulfillment. Dreamwork is one of these internal technologies for self-development at a major level of effectiveness.

We must help people understand that it is fun and productive to work on themselves, and out of this self-development comes their greater fulfillment in life. With the publishing of this Handbook, there is now the foundation level that can be implemented in training programs and built upon so that it becomes both inspiring and effective in the real world of the Twenty-First Century.

Effectiveness is when what you intend consistently happens in the world of direct experiencing.”