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Dreamwork Psychology Handbook (pdf)

>Download Dreamwork Psychology Handbook – Strephon Kaplan-Williams (2009) < A Personal Statement From Strephon Kaplan-Williams What we have in this Handbook is the distilled essence of my work over thirty-five years. We see also the essence of the observed effects with people from dreamworking in this style. This is a source document reflecting the results of doing in depth dreamwork with hundreds of people and their over twenty thousand dreams. […]

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Hints And Homilies for Dreamwork Warriors

Expect adversaries. Meet your adversaries head-on. Stand for values. Take your defeats whatever way you can. Grow by them. Do not try to defeat your adversaries. If you have sufficient power, at least try to neutralize them. Tell the truth in conflicts . . . because honesty is one of the only tools that creates reality, rather than deception, among people. Help heal those who come to you for that […]

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What is a Dream?

A dream is an experience in image and action with affect which occurs when the waking life consciousness lets go of control in sleep. This allows the core integrative function of the psyche to produce dreams mirroring unconscious archetypal patterns and issue contexts (stories) with the ego function of the dreamer congruent or not congruent with these emotional imagery experiences called dreams. A dream functions to present life and personality […]

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An Introduction to Dreamwork Psychology

Dreamwork is applied to the dream for additional experiences of related meaning based on re-experiencing dream content in new ways using the Jungian-Senoi or other methodology. If you have a methodology, you don’t need a dogma. Theories and models are okay if seen as themselves working methods for creating original and beneficial experience. Our biggest issue, perhaps, is that of identification-projection when it comes to working with dream content. Historically […]

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About Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Methodology

Sigmund Freud gave the night dream a legitimacy for people by using dream recall and associations to dream symbols as a primary method for Freudian analysis, or self-awareness of inner content through inner discovery and revelation of who one is as a whole person and not just as a personality usually shown to the world. If it is revealed in your dream, it is you, seems to be a working […]

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Key-words in Dreamwork

Dream ego: Phases and transformations Personal development through dreamwork Stages in dream exploration Ethics in dreamwork Spirituality in dreamwork Evaluating results in dreamwork Dreamworking with a client Methodology of a dreamwork session Exploring a client’s dream: stages, rules, types of questions Dreamwork strategies related to types of dreams Dreams related to client’s age Coping with transference / counter-transference and projections in the relation between dreamwork psychologist and clients Evoking resolution […]

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