Please look to a dream or emotionally intense life situation and find the principles and attitudes that are most relevant to your subject. Note that we are working with your ego function, the basis on which you make choices in life. Once you know the underlying attitudes you can often change them to principles for living an effective and fulfilling life.

With someone else you can share a dream or life situation and point to the attitude reflected there that needs changing to a life principle that works in reality. Some will be encouraged to dialogue with the trainers on their work and to share with the whole group. Through this training you will be inspired to achieve a new awareness about yourself and how you work. You will learn an effective tool for making life conscious, the analysis and changing of attitudes. You will experience directly how dreams and dreamwork can mirror back to you who you are and how you are dealing with and not dealing with your life.

You will have a practical and effective tool to use on a daily basis in many areas of your life. You will be able to take further training at future dates to be announced.

Just think how you will be if you dealt with all these principles and attitudes listed here and sorted out for yourself what to live by and what not to live by.

Principles and Practices To Follow in Dreams and Life

•  Act, don’t just react!
•  Live without fear.
•  Change your attitudes.
•  Become realistic in all things.
•  Serve that which is greater.
•  Bring resolution in life and in dreams.
•  Integrate all the parts into one whole.
•  Go where the energy is.
•  Create with what is happening now.
•  Turn fate into destiny through choice.
•  Choose and deal with the consequences.
•  Practice consciousness in everything you do.

Attitudes To Change in Dreams and Life

•  I can do it all myself.
•  I can control my own life.
•  I should think first before acting.
•  Others are to blame for what is happening to me.
•  Suffering should be avoided and happiness sought.
•  I should be happy most of the time.
•  I must win even if another person loses.
•  I should get my needs met no matter what.
•  I should play it safe in life.
•  I should put others first before myself.
•  I should not hurt others.
•  If I don’t make things happen they will never happen.
•  The world owes me.
•  What I think is right or best should happen in this life.
•  Live through others.
•  Define yourself in terms of others.
•  I should not take risks.
•  I should not live at the edge of risk but instead play it safe in life.
•  You should make goals in life and try to achieve them.
•  Love is what makes the world go round.
•  I should defend myself against others who do not believe like I do.
•  I am right and others are wrong.
•  I should judge others as good or bad.
•  I should avoid the negative and identify with the positive.
•  I should be normal.
• I should always do what I say I will do.
• The end justifies the means.
• Follow your fears and protect yourself.
• Don’t try and do the impossible.
• Play it safe in life.
• Don’t confront situations or people doing evil.
• Don’t let others get their way if it means your not getting your way.
• Certain things are too hard to deal with.
• Avoid things that make you uncomfortable.
• Don’t tell the truth because people will reject you.
• Live your life and let others live theirs.
• You should always try and meet others’ needs.
• Fight your enemies and unite with your friends

* by Strephon Kaplan-Williams

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