Going back into the dream through the meditative state to re-experience it as it is or to add changed drego behaviors and then experiencing the results.

This is how you can do it:

•  Do Objectifying and Following the Dream Ego
•  Note dream ego ineffectiveness and effectiveness
•  Choose how to interact with your dream figures and situation for development and resolution
•  Close your eyes and visualize the dream scene but this time acting as you have chosen
•  Act differently to allow the dream’s imagery to change naturally
•  Stop when you have a new development or sense of resolution

Educational objectives:

Use for re-experiencing the dream more intensely
Use to evoke resolution of the dream situation through changed drego activity (do not change the imagery consciously)‎
Use to evoke further dream development
Use to fall asleep redreaming the dream onward
Use to change archetypal patterns

Greater feeling affect for the dreamer
Re-training the ego to be more congruent with the dream
Healing the dream conflict through evoking resolution
Changing archetypal splits and patterns within the psyche
Ending recurrent dreams through resolution
Ending recurrent nightmares through a resolution by staying present in the dream
Shifting physical illness to wellness in symbolic diseases such as cancer

by Strephon Kaplan-Williams

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