After recording a dream using the Dreamwork Record Form, ask yourself the following questions for an in-depth exploration of the dream:

Thirteen Dream Questions

Who are you in this dream?
What are you doing and not doing in your dream?
Are you active or passive in this dream, and why?
What kind of situation or issue is the dream trying to train you about?
Are you resisting or in tune with what the dream is doing?
What issues need resolving in this dream?
What new ways of understanding are presented in your dream?
What new actions are dramatized in your dream?
What single issue or insight brings the dream together?
What is similar in this dream to some other dreams?
What is similar in this dream to something in your outer life?
What will you do out of this dream in daily life?
Why do you need this dream now?

Fourteen Dreamer Questions

What keeps you from writing down your intense dreams?
What would it take for you to honor your dreams?
Are you active or passive regarding your dream life?
What are you learning about life?
How are you changing for the better?
What guides you if you are not letting dreams guide you?
Are you trying to control life or let go to a wisdom source such as in dreams?
Are you choosing in dreams and life aware of what you are really doing?
Who makes your ultimate choices for you? Your ego?
Or another source of knowledge?
Are you fulfilling yourself and your potential and values?
Are you accomplishing most of what you intend?
Are you handling creatively your suffering so as to learn from it?
Are you dealing with your nightmares and other scary situations?
Are you controlling life or creating purpose with what comes your way?

by Strephon Kaplan-Williams

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