Objectifying the dreamer’s behavior in the dream, evaluating that behavior in terms of dream and life congruence and then making changes in drego and life behavior.

This is how you can do it:

•  Objectify the dream
•  List dream ego actions
•  List dream ego “could have done” non-actions
•  List dream ego attitudes behind actions and non-actions
•  List issues the dream ego is dealing with in the dream
•  List dream ego’s effectiveness in dealing with resolving or developing dream issues and potentials
•  Make parallels of dream ego discoveries to waking life issues, attitudes, actions and non-actions
•  Follow dream ego development in dreams and life

Following Dream Ego Benefits
•  Objectifies one’s ego functions of awareness, identity, attitudes and choice-making
•  Works with ones unrealistic attitudes and behavior by seeing dream cause-and-effect behavior
•  Forms the basis for life and personality change
•  Disidentifies from images and archetypes
•  Develops effectiveness in dealing with dream and life issues and dynamics
•  Increases the range and effectiveness of dream and life behavior
•  Obtaining ongoing objective feedback on oneself

Some Principles To Practice
•  Make yourself conscious by objectifying yourself and life consistent with the Reality Principle (what is)
•  Cure yourself of egocentric desire and defenses
•  Serve a greater source of wisdom and direction than ego desire and self-centeredness
•  Choose for wholeness and integration
•  Balance the opposites in all things
•  Practice and choose by wisdom principles daily
•  Live by an objectifying source such as dreamwork
•  Practice the wisdom principles found in dreams

Educational objectives:

Listing drego actions
Listing possible attitudes behind drego actions
Evaluating drego behavior in terms of congruence or incongruence with the dream
Developing dream and life principles for drego to act more congruent with dream situation
Following changes in drego behavior and ego life behavior through a series of dreams and dreamwork

Organized and grounded mirroring of the ego function and identity of the dreamer
Re-organizes the ego function to be more congruent with the dream and waking reality
Mirrors and re-works the personality identity by dream ego work
Develops effectiveness in life by knowing how the ego functions for identity and action in life
Tests the integrity of the dreamer in evaluating whether the dreamer gives up control and acts congruent with dreams and life

by Strephon Kaplan-Williams

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