Objectifying Dreams is about finding the structures actually present in the dream rather than projecting symbol systems into the dream to arrive at an interpretation. This practice requires the use of Dreamwork Record Form.

This is how you can do it:

•  Record the dream as completely and objectively as possible without interpretation. Use the Dreamwork Record Form.
•  List and evaluate key symbols and actions according to relevance, repetition and intensity of effectiveness in the dream itself
•  List and evaluate dream ego actions and reactions
•  List and evaluate dream ego “could have done” non-actions and reactions
•  List similarities and contrasts
•  List interrelations of parts
•  List sequences and developments
•  List resolutions and non-resolutions
•  List key issues and potentials for action and change
•  List what drego could have done differently to handle dream issues with resolution and development

Educational objectives:


The nature of objectivity and subjectivity
What are the structures in every dream and how do we clarify them?
Using correct thinking principles to analyze dream and life situations
Taking back projections and disidentifying unconsciously with concepts and attitudes


The person learns how they think and feel subjectively rather than also objectively
The person starts learning to live consciously by objectifying oneself
One sees what is actually there in dreams and life rather than adding images and feelings based on projecting into dream and life experiences

by Strephon Kaplan-Williams

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