Drego Definition – The dream ego or drego is usually the image and certainly the identity awareness of the dreamer in the dream.

Dream – A dream is an experience in image, action and feeling when the ego is without conscious choice-making and awareness in terms of acting in outer life. The dreamer dreams the dream and awakes remembering the dream and writing it down. Thus we have the original dream experience when the dreamer is asleep, or not aware and active in the outer world. Then we have the remembered dream written down, the dream report.

Dream Report – The dream report is not the same as the original dreaming experience since the original dream has now been filtered through the remembering and ego filtering process, but there is still much original dream still remembered because the reporting waking ego does not always like or understand what it is recording.

Dreamwork – Dreamwork is returning to the original dream experience using Dreamworking methodology.

Participating Ego – We have the dreamer identity in the dream itself in some form of interaction, even if not directly interacting but simply being present. This is called the participating ego.

Observing Ego – We have also the observing ego, the center of awareness and choice that observes the dream happening and then wakes the dreamer so the third ego, the waking ego, can take pen and paper and write the dream down.

Waking Ego – The identity of the individual based on images, attitudes, remembered history, reality picture, bodily awareness and choice making.

Dream and Waking Ego Dreamwork – Our fundamental discovery is that the dreamer’s dream ego acts and reacts in the dream like it acts and reacts in the waking life. This discovery means that dreamers can do dreamwork that uses the dream as a mirror to how the dreamer is acting and not acting in the dream and in the waking life.

Dream Source – We can use our dreams to mirror waking life issues and situations. Often the dream source, the creator of the dream itself, seems to mirror in dreams our waking life issues and situations and how we are currently dealing with them or not dealing with them.

Research – This means we can research through a series of dreams how we act and do not act in those situations and even determine the attitudes that motivate us to certain types of action or inaction.

Drego Question – In dreamworking the dream we ask, why did you do that in the dream, and, what else could you have done in the same dream situation?

Objectifying the Dream – We observe how we act in the original dream experience. We objectify what the actual dream situation is and whether it leads to a development or resolution. We observe also if the drego’s dream behavior is congruent with the dream’s issues and process, or is the drego not much connected to what is happening in the dream or even opposing what is happening in the dream?

by Strephon Kaplan-Williams