Go where the energy is for new life
Balance and rebalance energy
Take it in, give it out
Center in all things in each and every moment
Build mutual centers everywhere
Separate from common centers to individuate your own center
Trust the process, trust the source

Give back what you receive, let back in what you give away
Honor the opposites in all things through unity and separation
Do to others what they do to you
Take guidance and serve the larger process
Share the life force
Purify the ego by getting rid of attachment to defenses
Purify the ego by letting go of egocentricity
Not control but cooperation in all things
Everything has its time and place
There are no enemies, there are no friends
My enemy is my best friend
My best friend is my mirror
Bond to unbond, unbond to bond
Face reality – that is all you have
Live at the edge of risk and there find NEW life
Rest in action, move in being
Give all to find all
Pay the price – there is a price for everything
and everything has its price
Show respect in all things – acknowledge others
as much as yourself
Include the dark side rather than flee from it or defend against it
Bring the light to the dark and the dark to the light
Love yourself so you can love others, love others to love yourself
What you don’t know is the only thing you know
Choice is the one absolute

by Strephon Kaplan-Williams
© 2003