Dream ego: Phases and transformations

Personal development through dreamwork

Stages in dream exploration

Ethics in dreamwork

Spirituality in dreamwork

Evaluating results in dreamwork

Dreamworking with a client

Methodology of a dreamwork session

Exploring a client’s dream: stages, rules, types of questions

Dreamwork strategies related to types of dreams

Dreams related to client’s age

Coping with transference / counter-transference and projections in the relation between dreamwork psychologist and clients

Evoking resolution in dream exploration with a client

Professional dreamwork instruments

Dream journal

Dream record form

Dream ego profile

Ego Self Statement Profile

Dream Tasks Report

The Dream Journey Project

Dreamwork Group Sharing

Dreamwork Methods

Objectifying Dreams

Solving the Dream’s Issues

Following the Dream Ego

Key Questions

Dream Tasks

Dialoguing with Dream Figures

Symbol Immersion

Dream Reentry

Dream Enactments

Rewriting the Dream

Archetypal Dreamwork

Dream Theme Development

Dream Incubation

Dream Art Expression

Dreamwork Sharing

Dream Group Leading

Dreamwork Guiding

Supervising Dreamworkers

by Strephon Kaplan-Williams