Jung was asked once, “you say individuation works on you whether you are conscious or not. The archetypes always compensate each other when we are one-sided. If the opposites work themselves out into balance in our lives whether we do the right thing or not, why then do the hard work of making oneself conscious and individuating?”

Jung’s reply was to say that even though the archetypes are greater than we are as choice-makers, isn’t it better to at least be conscious of what you are doing and what is happening to you?

My position after Jung as a pioneer is that it is not only better to make one’s own individuation process conscious but to make choices that aid the individuation process. Jung did tell my analyst and teacher once, Elizabeth Boyden Howes, “You know, I am only a spoon in God’s kitchen, but without that spoon, where would God be?”

Thus we suggest that without man, woman, the individual, God as that which is Primary Mover would not know himself-herself. Do you want the Center of the Universe to not know itself through how you live your life consciously or unconsciously? If you work only for yourself and your daily needs and desires, of course, you have no need of a Greater Power and that Greater Power has no need of you. You simply are born, live and propagate, then die, like any animal or insect.

However, if you use as much of your existence as you can for a Greater Purpose that supports The God Principle in your own actions and choices, then at least a little tiny piece of The God Principle may indeed exist through you and your achievements in life.

Think about it!

by Strephon Kaplan-Williams