Reflections on Dreamwork Psychology & Psychotherapy Practice

“We call for a sharp distinction in the field of dream sharing and dreamwork between clinically trained professional dreamworkers and all others who lead dream group sharing or teach classes on dreams and dreamwork. This latter group should not take individual clients from their groups and classes, or from the general public.”

Dreamwork Psychology Handbook (pdf)

A Personal Statement From Strephon Kaplan-Williams:
What we have in this Handbook is the distilled essence of my work over thirty-five years. We see also the essence of the observed effects with people from dreamworking in this style. This is a source document reflecting the results of doing in depth dreamwork with hundreds of people and their over twenty thousand dreams. Before now what I had developed were the training and dreamwork methods described in my many books.

Strephon Kaplan-Williams: A Short Biography

Kaplan-Williams earned two masters degrees at the university of California Los Angeles and San Francisco in English literature and Counseling psychology. He received extensive Jungian analytical training for ten years with the Guild for Psychological Studies, graduating as one of their main leaders. He has undergone fifteen years of Jungian analysis and had many other trainings in modern California therapy approaches. He is responsible for originating the Jungian-Senoi method of dreamwork development and healing.

Strephon’s Principles in Life

Strephon about Strephon:
“Greatest Outer Accomplishment – the bringing in of the Dream Cards to the world.
Most Valuable Inner Accomplishment – healing of my traumatized psyche through fifteen years of Jungian analysis, eight years of bodywork and ten years on the mat Aikido.
Heart – to practice acceptance and sharing openly with compassion and passion.”

In memoriam, Strephon Kaplan-Williams (1934-2009)

Of all the products of Strephon’s lifetime, perhaps the most important to us at IASD was his early dream to start an organization open to all that would focus on all forms of dreamwork, professional and personal. Strephon wrote: “In 1983-1984 I originated and convened the co-founders of the first international association for the study and appreciation of dreams and dreamwork, The Association for the Study of Dreams, now IASD. This was my stance that dreams and dreamwork should themselves be a separate field of human experience, defined and studied on its own.” […]