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What is a Dream?

A dream is an experience in image and action with affect which occurs when the waking life consciousness lets go of control in sleep. This allows the core integrative function of the psyche to produce dreams mirroring unconscious archetypal patterns and issue contexts (stories) with the ego function of the dreamer congruent or not congruent with these emotional imagery experiences called dreams.

A dream functions to present life and personality issues to the dreamer at an emotional awareness level. A dream mirrors back to the individual the current state of their self awareness so that conscious action may be taken with the issues so reflected. Besides the self-awareness function associated with dream ego actions and states in dreams, the dream source seems to produce dreaming experiences to evoke and aid a wholeness and resolving function in the dreamer’s life and personality.

Dream actions and symbols cannot be interpreted or enacted meaningfully for the dreamer when taken out of the context of the dream itself. Dreams reflect the same issues, problems and potentials often with multiple symbols that function similarly even when different in themselves.

For dream analysis we rely on following the dream ego and the cognitive methods of analyzing for similarities and contrasts. Meaning is connectedness.

by Strephon Kaplan-Williams

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