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Ego Self Statements Profile (Ego Profile)

These are self-statements that you feel may fit you or not fit you. But we are asking you to make a forced choice, one in which you have to choose, one way or another, if they statement is you are not. We usually take action in everyday life based on these self-statements and the attitudes behind them. So try and be honest with yourself in making your decision for or […]

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The Dream Ego Evaluation Scale Form For Active Dreamwork – A Discovery Process

The Dream Ego Evaluation Scale Form For Active Dreamwork – A Discovery Process These are the outstanding characteristics of the dream ego, the dreamer in the dream. When you analyze your dream for these characteristics, much will be revealed to you. Further, when you keep working with your dreams in functional dreamwork rather than interpretive dreamwork, you will see that you are becoming more active and effective in your dreams […]

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The Dream Ego Dream Profile

There are no absolute rules as to what the drego should and should not do in a dream but we do suggest the following general principles for drego participation and development. Here also are fundamental premises that we have observed from thousands of dreams worked with consciously and more or less objectively. Most dreams are unresolved. They are recorded as dream dramas that never finish. The tension rises, potentials are […]

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The Dream Ego – Glossary of Key Terms

Drego Definition – The dream ego or drego is usually the image and certainly the identity awareness of the dreamer in the dream. Dream – A dream is an experience in image, action and feeling when the ego is without conscious choicemaking and awareness in terms of acting in outer life. The dreamer dreams the dream and awakes remembering the dream and writing it down. Thus we have the original […]

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