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Why Jungian-Senoi Methodology?

‘The Senoi way was to live the life of the dream in community in addition for a powerful change factor. So it was then that I went to work as Chief Therapist at another Jungian based organization, St. George Homes, Inc., founded and run by Dorothea Romankiw. We became good friends, despite her being a hard task master. I learned from her that since the archetypes were impersonal in the […]

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Training in Principles and Attitudes as They Show Up in Dreams and Life

“Please look to a dream or emotionally intense life situation and find the principles and attitudes that are most relevant to your subject. Note that we are working with your ego function, the basis on which you make choices in life. Once you know the underlying attitudes you can often change them to principles for living an effective and fulfilling life. With someone else you can share a dream or […]

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Some Spiritual Aikido Principles

Go where the energy is for new life Balance and rebalance energy Take it in, give it out Center in all things in each and every moment Build mutual centers everywhere Separate from common centers to individuate your own center Trust the process, trust the source Give back what you receive, let back in what you give away Honor the opposites in all things through unity and separation Do to […]

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An Interview with Strephon Kaplan-Williams

Ravenshead (RH) interviewed Strephon Kaplan-Williams (SKW) in July 2006. http://www.ravensheadservices.com/strephon_williams.php RH: Can you tell us a bit about your background? SKW: My background includes the following: I’m the son of America’s best poetry anthologist, Oscar Williams, and poet-painter, Gene Derwood. I have two Masters degrees, one in English Literature and the other in Psychology and 10 years training and graduation in Jungian psychology, myth, analysis and spiritual teachings of the […]

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Dreamwork F.A.Q

1. WHAT IS PURPOSE? We do not discover purpose for ourselves by defining what purpose is. We so often ask, what is my purpose in life? I don’t know what it is. Show it to me and of course I will live that purpose if I agree with it. -Your purpose is to develop purpose for yourself by knowing yourself honestly and also through choices committing as much of yourself […]

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Archetypes and Individuation

Jung was asked once, “you say individuation works on you whether you are conscious or not. The archetypes always compensate each other when we are one-sided. If the opposites work themselves out into balance in our lives whether we do the right thing or not, why then do the hard work of making oneself conscious and individuating?” Jung’s reply was to say that even though the archetypes are greater than […]

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Senoi Dreamwork, Facts and Fictions: A Reply to G. William Domhoff

http://www.improverse.com/ed-articles/strephon_kaplan_williams_2005_may_senoi_domhoff_reply.htm I have read Professor Domhoff’s reply to my critical article of his challenge to Jeremy Taylor’s stated remarks about Senoi dream theory*. I do appreciate that Dr Domhoff has considerably toned down his style of arguing his case. This is one of my main criticisms of his previous style, and in my challenge article to Domhoff I decided to use his attacking style also, medicine for medicine. So with […]

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